Every Fig You Eat Contains a Digested Wasp

For this week’s episode of the Doppler Effect, a science and technology show on WNYU 89.1 FM, I produced a segment on the life cycles of fig wasps. About halfway through the episode, Sandeep Nayak and I consult Eric Gruebel, an anthropologist at the University of Pennsylvania, and Manvir Singh, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University, to explore how every fig you eat contains a digested female fig who was thwarted from having babies. Our conversation brings us on a journey learning about coevolution, mutualism, parasites, other crazy life cycles, zines and chocolate mountains. The first half is also a great listen: a look at New York City’s most underappreciated residents—rats—by Lydia Chain.

Image: Fickr/ Sonny Abesamis

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