Voices Lost and Found: Stories of the Student Language Exchange

I’m happy to announce the launch of Swearer Sparks, a new website featuring stories of social innovation from Brown University. It currently features a piece I produced, on an organization called the Student Language Exchange, founded by Amelia Friedman ’14.

This piece was the first I produced for the site. It was also both the most fun and the most challenging challenging piece. It was fun because the story is highly visual and I got to scratch my illustration itch! But it took me a long time to hone in on the story I wanted to tell. In crafting the story, I desperately wanted to showcase a diverse range of voices. Juggling all those pieces, I found myself struggling to maintain a cohesive narrative. In the end, it turned out that what I needed had been right in front of me all along. You can read about that story in the accompanying “Behind the Story” exclusive.

Here are some previews of illustrations from the piece, including a tutorial on how to eat those soup dumplings at dim sum! (see original article for captions):


elephant joke

daphne + mom
filipino words  soup dumplings


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