“Trophic Cascade of the Purple Marsh Crab” Has Been Selected for the 2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival!

Hi readers, sorry it’s been nothing but crickets over here for a while! I’m currently doing some fieldwork on Sapelo Island, in Georgia, for a couple weeks. Our team is setting up and monitoring an experiment that looks at how climate change will affect cordgrass health in salt marshes. Specifically, we are investigating the formation of salt pans, which are large, bare patches of substrate that sweep across the marsh. As their name suggests, salt pans occur when salt accumulates to levels that kill off vegetation. In the marshes, we have been installing a city of experimental greenhouses. The work has been strenuous, but certainly rewarding.

Sapelo Island is beautiful. Spanish moss hangs from the trees, making everything look more romantic. The salt marsh lays low to the ground, allowing the sky to stretch out in every direction, and the sun to fill in all the cloudless spaces. Demographically, the island is home to a dwindling Gullah community, a frequent destination for naturalists and scientists, as well as a temporary retreat for the occasional tourist.

Anyway! That is all to say that I have not had much time in the last few weeks to write a substantial post. However, I did want to make sure that I let everyone know that my short film about trophic cascades in salt marshes has been selected for this year’s Beneath the Waves Film Festival! The festival will be held in conjunction with the annual Benthic Ecology Meeting, in Norfolk, Virginia, this Friday, March 23.

Here is the video for the film festival – look for a shout-out at 2:18!

Beneath the Waves Film Festival: 2012 Intro Video from Triakis Films on Vimeo.

Visit here for more details about the festival, and the full list of films that will be screened at this year’s event.

This year, the same folks at Beneath the Waves are also showcasing a touring film festival, called the “Shore Dive Series”. The tour will make it to community theaters, exhibit halls, galleries, and universities across the country and around the world. Another one of my videos, “Rhizocephala: The Extraordinary Life Cycle of a Parasitic Barnacle” has been selected for that series. Dates and locations to be announced soon – I will keep you updated!

That’s all I have for you today! I will be coming at you guys with an actual science post sometime in the upcoming weeks, I promise.


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