Good Reads: Lifecycles, by Manvir Singh

Readers, here is a real treat. Remember when I posted that video about parasitic barnacles? If you thought that life cycle was wild, you will go crazy for Lifecycles, an entire pamphlet showcasing the ingenious — and often grotesque — strategies that organisms employ for survival and procreation. Parasites, in particular, tend to have fabulously complex life cycles because they must cope with vastly different environments and stressors at different stages in their lives.

A excerpt from Lifecycles, depicting the various life phases of the parasitic corpse flower

Lifecycles was created by Manvir Singh, who also authored The Evolutionist’s Doodlebook, and is part of the CreatureCast series. This pamphlet is bursting with whimsical illustrations and comical marginalia, and features life cycles that remind us of how incredibly diverse and convoluted life can be. Lifecycles is available for download in its entirety here, or better yet, you can support Manvir’s future artistic endeavors by contacting him at to purchase a 11.25″x15″ hard copy. You can check out more of Manvir’s art at The Doodlebook. Enjoy!


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