This blog is a collection of thoughts about science. Its title refers to a technique for separating out different colored dyes in an ink mixture. Just as chromatography illuminates the individual parts of a mixture, I’ll be picking parcels of science and expanding upon those bands of knowledge. The result will hopefully be a blend as rich and colorful as that created by ink chromatography.
  • orionid

    Finding Cosmic Insignificance in the Orionids

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  • amnh

    Finding Home Among the Wildebeests

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  • Greetings from Lemont, IL!

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  • chinatown msg

    The MSG Files, Part V: Public Relations

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  • chinese restaurant syndrome

    The MSG Files, Part IV: Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

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  • cover photo

    The MSG Files, Part III: Umami

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  • scallop asparagus tomato

    The MSG Files, Part II: Natural Sources of Glutamate in Our Bodies and Food

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  • miso soup

    The MSG Files, Part I: What is Monosodium Glutamate?

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  • 113922539_5babd9ce73_o

    Tragedy of the Commons, or the Rise of Globalization and Fall of Local Management Practices

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