This blog is a collection of thoughts about science. Its title refers to a technique for separating out different colored dyes in an ink mixture. Just as chromatography illuminates the individual parts of a mixture, I’ll be picking parcels of science and expanding upon those bands of knowledge. The result will hopefully be a blend as rich and colorful as that created by ink chromatography.
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    In Progress: Animating Aquidneck

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  • is MSG bad for you?

    MSG, Gluten and This Thing Called FODMAPs

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  • I decided to use thread, beads, and little pieces of rubbish to illustrate stormwater runoff through the city.

    Lessons in Water Cycling (and Animating!): Green Infrastructure in Providence, RI

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  • green crab thangs

    VIDEO: Green Crab Thangs

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  • SICB

    #SICB2014: Scientists, Let’s Talk About Narrative

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  • Sentimental in appearance, this scene is nothing more than a baby reaching out for a reflexive squeeze.


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    So THAT’s what all the origami was about…

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    How Did the Seahorse Get its Shape?

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  • Image from "Nix Your Tics" by B. Duncan McKinlay

    Mys / tic / al

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